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How To Pass The CCNP: Keep Your Goals Away From The Trolls

It’s a sad fact of life that not all your friends or coworkers are going to support your decision to pursue the CCNP.

I’m reminded of a person I worked with years ago who walked by my cube and saw a Cisco certification book on my desk. She then spend ten minutes telling me why certification stink, anybody can get them, there’s a three-month-old baby in Texas that has an MCSE, blah blah blah….

You know the interesting thing? She would tell anyone who asked her (and plenty of people who didn’t!) that certifications didn’t mean anything. Know how many she had? None.

There are two reasons that these trolls will badmouth your certification pursuits. First, they’re threatened by your ambition. Second, they’re not doing anything with their career or their time, and they’re not comfortable around someone who IS doing something to advance their career and their life.

And these people are EVERYWHERE. I don’t care what Internet forum you go to, or what certification you’re after; when you declare you intentions, there will be people lining up to tell you that it won’t work and you’re wasting your time.

Keep your goals away from these trolls. Do not spend time with these people, whether it’s in person or on the Net. Study after study shows that professional computer certifications, particularly Cisco certifications, are definitely worth pursuing.

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February 2, 2006 - Posted by | CCNP

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